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How Well Do You Know Your Recruiting Partner?

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An Important Asset

Know Your Recruiting Partner

Do you know how your Recruiter represents your company to the market?
Have you ever questioned the ethics, integrity, and reputation of your Recruiting firm?
Are you frustrated by not seeing preferred industry talent?
Are you tired of being left in the dark without any results or communication?

Know your recruiting partner because the right firm is an asset to your organization while the wrong one can cause irreparable damage.

Long Term Asset

We are not resume pushers. We’re not content with merely posting employment ads or scanning national resume boards and waiting for results – unlike most recruiting firms.

We focus on contacting “passive” candidates that aren’t actively or always “looking” which elude the radar of most recruiting firms. We’ve found these professionals tend to deliver the highest value and become the best long term assets to your company.

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Optimize the Workforce

Our Experts Are Ready to Meet Your Needs

Whether you need consultants, contract-to-hire, one talented individual or a team, Power Recruiting Services has recruitment experts ready to meet the needs of an organization. We recognize that today’s workforce is comprised of different types of employment and companies find it necessary to utilize talents in different ways to develop the most successful workforce.

With over 50 years of intellectual capital and our extensive business connections, we match talents with the specific needs of our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner. We assist with developing the right employment mix for the company and we deliver staffing solutions that will optimize the workforce and drive stronger bottom line results

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