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Power Recruiting Services provides Retained Executive Search services for companies in the Energy or Environmental sectors. What sets us apart from other recruiters is our focus on quality instead of quantity.

We are a professional services firm that partners with our clients as an extension of their HR Department. Our comprehensive network and unconventional search methods help us uncover the “passive candidates” who are not actively searching. These candidates are hard to find and typically are the best in the market. After all, isn’t that what you’re paying for?

We are not a fit for all companies. Learn more with casino apps. Our clients recognized the value of partnering with PRS on a long-term basis. If the cost of service is your sole concern when selecting an executive search firm, then we are not the firm for you.

Recruitment ‘Boutique’

Throughout 50 years of combined experience, Power Recruiting Services has created an extensive talent network ready for deployment on demand. Our selection process discerns only the top 1% of candidates ranging from ‘C’ level executives to Mechanical Engineers and Field Service Technicians.

Our ever growing talent pool is what makes our recruitment process fast and efficient. The so-called ‘boutique’ recruitment allows us to match the perfect candidate with the right employer in record time.

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Our Process

  1. Gain an understanding of your company culture, goals, expectations and current / future hiring needs.
  2. Combining our market knowledge with your hiring needs, will provide us with a specific plan to approach a targeted audience.
  3. Provide verbal and written submission on approved candidates, coordinate meetings and share transparent feedback throughout the hiring process.
  4. Prepare details for a verbal offer, share feedback, present written offer for acceptance, which should be a formality.

This is why you need us

  • Because we find the best candidates that professionally and culturally fit your organization in a timely manner.
  • Because you’re not hitting your revenue targets and lack technical and sales personnel to meet your goals.
  • Because you are worried that a wrong hire will negatively affect your company.
  • Because you are not meeting deadlines and your clients are unsatisfied with your performance.
  • Because a key member of your team has left the company.
  • Because you want steady growth and expansion.
Leading Energy Recruiters

Retained business model

As one of the leading energy recruiters with a proven track record, we aim to provide our clients with value for their money. There is a reason why the best practices in energy recruitment utilize the retained business model for middle to senior-level positions.

In our case, the retained model aligns exactly with PRS’s philosophy which advocates quality above all else – meaning our team will work twice as hard to validate your retainer and maintain our solid reputation in the community.

Power Recruiting Services aims to build close professional relationships with clients who are in an urgent need of competent individuals to help them achieve their project goals. The retained model allows us to deliver with efficiency by applying the given resources to bring quality service.

We work with the best, for the best!

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